Recent News:

  • New paper accepted in Journal of Fish Diseases:
    Lepak, J.M., A.G. Hansen, M.B. Hooten, D. Brauch, and E.M. Vigil. (In Press). Rapid proliferation of the parasitic copepod Salmincola californiensis on kokanee salmon in a large Colorado reservoir. Journal of Fish Diseases.
  • Lucy Lu successfully defended her dissertation!
  • New paper on inverse reinforcement learning accepted in Annals of Applied Statistics:
    Schafer, T.L.J., C.K. Wikle, and M.B. Hooten. (In Press). Bayesian inverse reinforcement learning for collective animal movement. Annals of Applied Statistics.
  • Ann Raiho accepts new position as Postdoctoral Researcher at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center!
  • New paper on multistage computing for optimal design: Leach, C.B., P.J. Williams, J.M. Eisaguirre, J.N. Womble, M.R. Bower, and M.B. Hooten. (In Press). Recursive Bayesian computation facilitates adaptive optimal design in ecological studies. Ecology.
  • New paper on ABMs for statisticians:
    Banks, D.L. and M.B. Hooten. (In Press). Statistical challenges in agent-based modeling. The American Statistician.